J & M Property Maintenance

Commercial Services

For over a decade, J & M Property Maintenance has taken pride in providing knowledgeable, high-quality maintenance and care for commercial properties throughout Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and the surrounding regions.

We offer complete, all-season services for several property types, including but not limited to: industrial spaces and office buildings, plazas and shopping centres, high-rise and condominium complexes, municipal properties, and more.

Spring to Fall Services

At J & M Property Maintenance, we recognize the importance of visual appeal as a key factor in the ability to attract and retain clients, customers and tenants. From lawn care to landscape projects, our goal is to beautify your property and give it that "wow factor" you are seeking.

Lawn care services include traditional cutting, trimming, edging, revitalization and seasonal cleanup. Landscape services include custom garden and bedding design, planting and care, as well as walkway, patio and retaining wall design, installation, maintenance and repair.

Do you want to improve the appearance of your property, but don't know where to start? We will work with you to custom-design a plan to make your property turn heads among current and prospetive clients, customers and tenants alike.

Spring Through Fall

Winter Services

We know how important it is to keep your properties well-maintained and accessible during the winter season, as the safety of your clients, customers and staff is paramount.

From lot clearing to snow removal and de-icing of walkways and entranceways, no project is too large or small.

We have experience maintaining all types of surfaces, from paved lots to concrete, stone, gravel, and dirt bases.

If you are concerned about the use of salt for ice removal and prevention, and would like to explore other options, we would be happy to review with you and recommend a variety of tested and proven alternate de-icing products to use in its place.

Winter Season

Personalized Services

We strive to create a personalized solution for every one of our commercial clients. Accordingly, each of our service packages is fully customizabile and adaptable to the requirements of the individual property, regardless of the season or time of year. Services can be structured on a monthly, per-hour, per-visit, and short-term arrangement basis to best suit your needs.

Contact us for more information, or to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.